The truth is that no one of us is born already knowing how the proper house cleaning, or carpet cleaning, or after builders cleaning and more, and more are happening. Cleaning skills are not something you wake up one day already possessing and cleaning is not something that can be learned overnight. We all make some mistakes while cleaning and without further ado – here are the most common out of them and how to learn to avoid them!

Cleaning windows when it is sunny

Of course, the sunnier, the better you can see all streaks and handprint left on windows and glass surfaces, which means that this is the perfect time of the day to grab a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth and start wiping them down. However, this is not the best strategy, because although the sunlight helps in finding all the handprints left better, the sun also makes the cleaning product dry faster, which leads to a lot more streaks left.

Overusing vinegar

Yes, that is right, vinegar is great for so many purposes and a perfect alternative to the conventional (unhealthy and toxic) cleaning products. However, vinegar can’t clean everything and you do not have to try it for everything!

Using too much products/too much cleaner

The more, the better, as many people would say, but this is not the case with cleaning products. Better use water to soak areas and then use a small amount of the cleaning product to disinfect completely. Remember that different cleaning products do not have to be mixed.

Not letting the toilet brush to dry

Since the toilet brush is a hot spot for bacteria and germs and the best condition for bacteria and germs is moisture, then not letting the toilet brush to dry completely is a big mistake.

Putting things in the garbage disposal to deodorise it

Of course, drains and garbage disposals are definitely not the nicest smelling thing in the world and many people are trying to find a way to minimise and neutralise the nasty smells. We often heard about putting coffee beans inside for a better smell, but that way you risk clogging the drain. Instead, you can freeze some lemon juice with water and then place the ice cubes in the garbage disposal.

Scrubbing stains out of the carpet

Most of the stains that may appear on your carpet do not need a lot of elbow power and hard work, but a bit of knowledge. By scrubbing the stain you are most likely going to spread it around and force it deeper into the carpet fibres.

Using furniture polish to dust

Furniture polish is designed for adding extra protection to natural wood products, furniture and surfaces. It is not designed for cleaning everything and if you use polish on items that are not made out of real wood, then you are only making them oily. Use a damp rag instead.

Using the wrong tools

As simple as that, every cleaning tool is designed for its purpose and for doing its job, do not mix them if you want your life to be easier.

Vacuuming will hurt your carpet

No, it will not. Vacuuming is not responsible for a number of issues and problems, neither for faster wear and tear. Vacuuming the carpet is recommended at least once a day because it prevents dirt from permanently sticking to the carpet.

Forgetting to clean the shower curtain

We clean the bathtub and the showerhead because these are some hot spots for germs, but we forget about the shower curtain that is hanging just next to these bacteria hot spots and it is in direct contact with germs all the time.

Bleach is my best friend

No, bleach is not your best friend and it is not a solution to any cleaning situation. Bleach may be great in disinfecting a lot of things, but it is not the greatest cleaner and it is not a healthy option when used on a regular basis.

Not using the bathroom ventilation system

It is highly recommended to ensure ventilation in your bathroom somehow to prevent humidity and moisture harming the room and mould to grow.

Not cleaning the tools

Well, surprise, surprise, your cleaning tools have to be clean too! Otherwise, you let germs find a new home after you have just removed them.