Ahh, Christmas is just around the corner. The season of Christmas light drive, slow snow, city walk, shopping and tasty menus have just started. But because of the whole excitement and holiday mood we often tend to neglect the household duties and choruses we already not enjoy to do (and we are not even speaking of carpet and upholstery cleaning, but for way less intensive chores). Unfortunately, the holiday season is not an excuse for a messy house. Now more than ever you have to pay attention and deal with every task around the house, otherwise mess and clutter are accumulating like a blink of the eye and with so many great opportunities to spend some quality and joyful time with eggnog in your hand and your favorite Christmas movie or album on, you don’t want to spend your whole day in scrubbing, washing and vacuuming, right?

Having a good pre-Christmas cleaning plan is the key to keeping your house spotless, free of clutter and mess while you are enjoying the holiday season and having your time to relax. The organisation is essential and you have to have a simple and very effective house cleaning routine now more than ever. Knowing your place and what kind of cleaning products and techniques work the best for it is how you can start. In addition, be sure to sort out the cleaning methods that fit your personal preferences and requirements, because when you feel comfortable with what you are doing, you are going to do it faster and more efficient. Now it is not the right time for making experiments, bet on what is time-proven as successful and achieving impressive results. Be sure to sort out what is really important to pay attention to and leave the not so emergent tasks for later.

December is also a time for many guest visits, so if you are going to welcome family and friends at your house, do not forget to pay attention to some key places. Spare bedrooms and guest bathrooms have to look cosy and comfortable. Remove the dust accumulated, get rid of all the clutter and hide everything unnecessary in the wardrobe and in drawers. Vacuum the floor and if you have some time left be sure to decorate a bit every room. A string of fairy lights, some Christmassy sheets, throw pillows and blankets can really do wonders and set the right holiday mood in every room. Don’t forget the quick clean of the guest bathroom and toilet. If you want to show extra hospitality, place a couple of Christmassy towels and maybe a little set of hand soap, shampoo and toothbrush for every guest.

The dining room or the room where you are planning to set your holiday dinner is the most important place in your house now. Make sure to spend your time mostly in this area. If you remove the dust and vacuum it daily, it won’t take more than half an hour every day. Don’t forget to put decorations around to room. If you are not all about fairy lights and sparkly stuff, then bet on classic elegance and make the Christmas tree, or the table a focal point of the room. Speaking of Christmas tree, if this year you enjoy a real one, then be sure to vacuum all the fallen needles daily. In many websites and blogs, you can find amazing ideas on how to make impressive centrepieces for your table that don’t break the bank.

Finally, when cooking the holiday meals and desserts, don’t forget to clean the kitchen and the dishes every time after lunch or dinner. If you are consistent it would be easier for you. After all, you have also helpers from all ages in the house. Promise to all of them a dessert only when you all are ready with setting the kitchen in order.