If anything can go wrong with cleaning around the house, it is most probably cleaning the kitchen. Kitchens are usually the most “pretentious” area of the house when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. First of all, kitchens often require more specific cleaning strategy and more frequent and in-depth maintenance. In addition, kitchens usually are one of the most frequently used areas around the house and because of the high level of everyday use, they attract more dirt and grime. However, kitchen cleaning is a necessity we cannot escape from. Because of that today we are sharing with our readers our secret kitchen tips and tricks for simpler and quicker ways for taking care of one of your most used areas around the whole house and for all those areas that you often forget about.

  • If your coffee maker is running slowly, you can easily solve this problem by filling the water chamber with equal parts of water and white vinegar. The white vinegar works very effectively for cleaning and removing all the residue left by water. To begin the cleaning process, first, start the brew cycle and then halfway through the process stop and let the mixture sit for around one hour. After that, you can restart the brew cycle and when it is ready, you can remove the mixture, fill once again with cold water and run the brew cycle once again for complete cleanliness and perfect final results.
  • If your dog spills his food all the time, simply place a mat under your dog's food bowl. That way all the spilt food will be collected on the mat, where you can easily remove it without creating a great mess around the kitchen.
  • If your kitchen drawers are a total mess, take your time to go through all of them and toss anything you do not need, or simply doesn't belong in there. That way your kitchen will not be only in perfect order, but having better organisation, you can also work your way through everything faster and be more effective. You can also purchase drawer organisers, separators and containers for organising smaller items that make a big mess.
  • The top of the fridge is definitely a place that is hard to reach. However, it collects a lot of dust and dirt and requires to be cleaned frequently. You can easily make yourself a long-armed duster by tying a microfiber cloth to a long pole. When you are ready with removing dust, you can go further with replacing the dry microfiber cloth with a damp one to finally remove all the dirt left. Finally, make sure to dry the fridge with another dry and clean microfiber cloth.

Keeping your kitchen well-organised and clean is not that hard at all in general. Spending a few minutes every day will be enough. Better make baby steps and clean a small area every day than leaving all the household chores to accumulate to deal with them all in one day.