You have a small bathroom? Then you know the struggle of the everyday use of such a small space. Small bathrooms are a real struggle, indeed. Especially considering the fact that the bathroom has to be extra functional and practical space that is organised to perfection, so it can make your life easier, your quick morning shower-makeup-hair dryer routine more effective, etc. Well, the fact that your bathroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean that you have to give up all hope of having a nice and functional space for your morning and evening routines and anything in between!

Today, we are sharing with you a few simple ideas and storage systems for all those shampoo and shower gel holders that have to find a place for all their stuff in a tiny bathroom and keep it tidy and neat!

Shelves and cabinets

Adding a few shelves and cabinets in the bathroom is the perfect idea for saving up some space and having a place for all those towels, soap, makeup and hair care products and all other toiletries. Depending on how much space do you have to work with, a couple of shelves over the toilet, a bathroom cabinet and a few shelves next to the bathtub can do wonders and promise maximum storage to fit all your stuff. That way you can free a lot of space on the racks and underneath the sink that you will easily fill up with other items and storage.

Storage containers

You will be surprised at how much space you can get free by using just a few small storage containers! Tossing all your hair care products or other toiletries in a basket will not only ensure more free space but it also means less clutter, easier access to everything you need, which is especially great early in the morning, when you are in a rush to get ready. By organising all the items in the cabinets with the help of a few containers and storage units, you can make your small bathroom extra functional and practical. Long runners will divide up your drawers and are perfect to hold things like brushes, curling irons and so, while smaller dividers are great for medicines, curvy grips, makeup items and anything else you can easily separate and organise.

A hanging caddy

What better way to save up a lot of space than organising your bathroom stuff is a caddy that is hanging on the wall?! A hanging caddy doesn’t really take up any additional space. A fabric caddy is a smart idea because it will lie nearly flush between the door and the wall and it will still offer plenty of space for all your toiletries.

The element of cleaning

Yes, besides good organisational skills, there is an element of cleaning that a small bathroom would require to stay clean and tidy and look nice. Be sure to quickly clean your bathroom every day and don’t leave a mess on the countertops, it should be easier for you, because you have less space to work with. Deep-clean the bathroom at least once every week by washing the toilet, the sink, the shower and the bathtub, wiping off the mirror and the countertops, as well as inside the drawers and cabinets. Prevent mould growing by ensuring good ventilation and air flow and don’t forget to wash your shower curtain at least once a month to prevent mould. De-clutter every once in a while and toss all products that are expired.

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