At Cleaner Online we offer and provide expert and affordable cleaning services for landlords and estate agents and also property managing agents in Harrow and surrounding areas. We have an enviable experience and a lot of talent and enthusiasm about what we do, so you can be completely sure and rest calm our service will be delivered with a lot of professionalism and attention to every detail, having the potential to not only leave every property sparkling clean, but completely transform every mess and clutter in fresh-smelling and flawless-looking in a long period of time. We know pretty well that one of the most important aspects of the real estate branch is the good presentation and the better presented the property you sell is, the more clients you will have. In fact, a clean and sanitised property can make a really big difference and the clean and tidy environment can highlight the best features of every space and be the biggest selling point.

Flexible and effective cleaning services

Cleaner Online offer a pre- and post-letting cleaning and pre-selling cleaning services for all professional clients in Harrow. All members of our team are very experienced, qualified and vetted and also trained in the most advanced and efficient methods and techniques in order to sanitise every square inch of the property to perfection and transform every nook and corner into sparkling clean perfection. Each service is inspected and performed according to the highest standards in Harrow and we have the reputation of one of the best and most preferred experts in the area, a reputation built on a lot of hard work, dedication and attention to even the smallest detail. Since we love our professionalism to be reflected by everything we do, we also work with the most innovational and advanced equipment and products and cleaning agents that are the highest quality, non-toxic and entire family-friendly.

Although we always make sure to custom-tailor our services, so we can meet the individual needs and requirements, our standard cleaning service for landlords and estate agents includes:

  • All rooms – including dust windowsills and ledges, frames, decorations and knickknacks, remove cobwebs, dust lamps, furniture pieced, woodwork, shelves, drawers, vacuum carpets and wash floors, also vacuum furniture, including under cushions, empty and clean ashtrays and bins, etc.
  • Kitchen area – including clean appliances, countertops, cabinets, furniture pieces, sanitise sinks, range tops, inside and outside microwave and oven, de-greasing, de-freezing the fridge and sanitising, vacuuming and washing floors, etc.
  • Bathroom area – including cleaning of floors, mirrors, tiles, showers, bathtubs, toilets, vanities and more.

However, some of the additional cleaning services for landlords and estate agents we offer also include additional tasks inside and outside the house, including garden area and more. Be sure to show us the trouble spots and areas you are the most concerned about and we will scrub and sanitise them to perfection. Be sure to get in touch with us in case you have some additional questions. We believe we can discuss anything and settle on the best solution and battle plan for your project in Harrow! If you are interested in more specific services like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning don’t hesitate to call us today!