Your home’s beautiful natural wood and stone or vinyl and hard floor surfaces deserve the best for serving you so loyal all these years. Well, hard floors really look like they will be around for hundreds of years and they can really do, in case you make sure you provide the needed and recommended maintenance. However, like everything on this planet, even the hard and sturdy hard floor can be a subject of issues and imperfections and this is completely normal with time and due to everyday use and frequent traffic. While the more of the things that ruin the beautiful appearance of your floor like dust, dirt and stains are easy to remove and get rid of, some imperfections and defects are hard to deal with and need some professional help. We at Cleaner Online offer to approach your hard floor cleaning project very effectively, professionally, timely and at an amazing price! And when it comes to soft floor options, we are your best solution for carpet cleaning too!

Hard floor cleaning – timely, thorough, effective

It is your decision – you can ask for our professional hard floor treatment as a part of house and office cleaning or as an individual service. Cleaner Online’s high quality, proven and effective hard floor cleaning methods will meet all your expectation and requirements. After a detailed inspection completed by our vetted and experienced team, we will settle on the best working approach, keeping in mind and respecting your individual requirements and the specific needs of your floor. We are trained according to the highest standards for quality, health and safety and know exactly how to approach every type of surface, no matter if a natural material such as wood and stone, or a man-made material. To help us achieve the best results possible, we work with the highest quality equipment and products, which are also very effective and innovative. That way we can make sure we remove all the dirt and stubborn stains without damaging and adding some additional protection and a long-lasting preserving from the most common hard floor issues.

Perfect cleaning solutions for busy customers

However, even professional deep hard floor cleaning is not enough for some cases we undertake in Harrow. With time your floor may start facing some issues like scratches, dents, discolouration and more. In order to bring it back to its initial beauty and elegance and also to improve its condition and preserve the quicker wear and tear, we at Cleaner Online offer very experienced and qualified services like polishing, sanding for wood floors and honing for real stone floors like granite, marble and more. All the offered services are great for removing the issues your floor may suffer from with the years of use and also removing all the stubborn stains and dirt build-ups. All the methods mentioned are also great for adding protection to the floor, because by removing the potential growing bigger issues you make sure the surface and the whole construction will remain solid and sturdy for a long period of time. We know that reliable and experienced hard floor cleaning team is pretty hard to be found in Harrow, but this is not the case if you work with Cleaner Online. We can ensure we will provide you with the highest quality of service and approach your project meeting your individual needs and requirements.